Sales Consultant Collaborator


  • Slitigenz is a technology company providing solutions for building and developing website applications, mobile applications and cloud computing solutions for global businesses.
  • We are a team of young, hard-working and enthusiastic programmers, worth to mention, all of us are gen Z. We believe that the innovations in the industrial revolution 4.0 will change the world in a better way. To be a part of that revolution you will need to strive to learn and develop yourself continuously.
  • With a great mission and vision, Slitigenz needs the support and companionship of the Sales Consultant team in prospecting and closing deals with global businesses.

Scope of work

  • Plan to search for and reach potential clients
  • Build and develop a long-term relationship with clients
  • Discuss and consult with clients about appropriate technology solutions (work with technical team)
  • Ensure the process of interacting with clients is continuous and effective
  • Build and develop collaborative relationships with partners

Working form

  • Work both onsite and remote
  • Onsite: At least 3 hours per day, 5 days per week and weekly meetings
  • Slitigenz’s headquarter:  No. 6, lane 88, Cau Giay street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Remote: Encourage at least 5 hours per week


  • Have a basic English communication skill
  • Confident and proactive in communicating and negotiating with clients/partners
  • Get into the habit of listening and absorbing the opinions and feedback of clients, then provide ideas for the solution
  • Ability to self-study, self-reading and adapt to changes in work
  • Determined and persistent in pursuing the set goals
  • Have basic skills in using office softwares and tools (MS Office is required, CRM softwares is a plus)
  • Have a long-term interest and orientation in the field of technology
  • Have a overview technical knowledge is a big plus
  • Experienced with same role is a plus


  • To learn and develop knowledge and skills according to this career development roadmap
  • Net monthly payroll: 2,000,000 VNĐ
  • Additional commission for every participating projects
  • Additional monthly performance bonus
  • Review payroll and working level every 6 months
  • Basic welfare level: participating in dining, teambuilding, company travel activities,…

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