The 5 most popular programming languages in 2022

Have you ever wonder, which is the best programming language to learn and use in 2022? Should it be the language that you are already familiar with, or should it be an additional language adding to your tech stack in order to lead you to a higher paid job?

That is actually not a simple question to answer. Right now, some programming languages are becoming so popular and saturated in the market, while the others are more trending but does not known by business employers. 

Choosing programming language to learn also depends on what you planning for your career. If you are planning to become a backend web developer, you must know about SQL, JavaScript or Python, or if you are planning to become a mobile developer, Dart, Java or Swift is the right choice for you. Here are some current trending programming languages for 2022:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
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Stack Overflow survey - Most commonly used programming languages

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Below are some suggestions, views and thought about those programming languages, with that, you can choose the right “tool” for yourself.

The 5 most popular and trending programming languages in 2022

1. JavaScript

Base on Stack Overflow (a popular forum website for developer) survey in 2020, JavaScript has an 8-year-in-a-row be the most popular language in the market, that’s why it’s also stay on top of our list. Nearly 70% people who participate in the survey said that they have used this language in the past year. Along side with HTML and CSS, JavaScript are becoming a mandatory component for web frontend develop. Almost every website nowadays, including the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube, are based on JavaScript to deliver contents and services to their users.

Although born as a frontend language, JavaScript is now can also be used on the server side as a backend one. This creates a runtime environment on the backend server call the Node.js, which helps developers with building web application. Node.js is compatible with almost every OS like Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Moreover, this language has a dynamic syntax, easy to use and work on every browser, really friendly for the newbie. 

2. Python

As of 2022, Python is definitely the best programming language to learn. It topped the list of popularity ratings recently. Everyone who didn’t know it seemed to want to join.

Despite the popularity and sheer number of people with Python skills, it’s a language that many job providers are asking for and paying pretty well.

So what makes Python the thriving language it is now? Although it’s been around since 1991, Python has made a recent comeback and here’s why:

  • It’s easy to write so it’s easy to learn. The readable syntax means you no longer have the headache of looking at your code.
  • At the same time, it is both powerful and extremely versatile. Python can do almost anything. You can use it to write apps, break into high paying tech industries like machine learning or even in web development. And it’s all possible through a wide range of frameworks and libraries, from Django to TensorFlow and to NumPy.
  • The evolution of Python as a language has been amazing and it shows no signs of stopping. This means more jobs, courses, libraries and resources are available to you.

The problem is that Python has been popular for so long that it can easily become oversaturated. The flexibility of the languages ​​alleviates that somewhat, but it’s still something worth reconsidering.

3. Java

The list would be so inaccurate if there aren’t any place for Java. No matter how ancient it may be, job recruiters still can’t seem to get enough.

Java is one of the most powerful programming languages ​​available today, used on more than 15 billion trending technology devices, desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, artificial intelligence. , cloud applications… So, if studying and succeeding in this technology, learners can have very high salaries, good development opportunities and be recognized globally.

Java has some outstanding features such as platform independence, object-oriented programming, enhanced productivity, performance and security, the most secure in terms of security. Many companies are working on Java including Amazon, Adobe, Flipkartv, Instagram…

In addition, if you are already familiar with Java, you can continue with Scala – a language that combines the best features of Java such as object-oriented structure or JVM high-speed environment.

4. Go

Well, here we Go.

Go, aka Golang, is a language favored by Google. It is also one of the best choices for beginners and one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn. Released in 2012, it is relatively new, so there are still many developers interested in accessing it.

Go is more akin to C-based languages ​​than Python. One of its main uses is developing systems like servers and networking, although you can also use it to create apps or anything else.

As a new language, it may be easier for you to get a job without competing or having more experience. It will also help with your resume, especially coming from Google and many other companies.

5. TypeScript

What is TypeScript? – As a language given to us by Microsoft for free, the foundation of TypeScript is more or less related to JavaScript because it is an open source JavaScript language. TypeScript’s role is to design and build complex large-scale application projects. 

Different from the simplicity of JavaScript, although TypeScript also inherits many definitions and concepts from various languages like C#, Java, etc., but TypeScript has high requirements for clear order. 

TypeScript is considered a more advanced version of JavaScript because it is designed to add more convenient functions, improve on the weaknesses of JavaScript such as object-oriented classes and Static Structural typing, besides TypeScript also can work widely for applications of Angular2 and Nodejs languages.


Why need a long, and meaning-less conclusion when you can just jump right in to 1 of the above and deep dive into it.

All of the above programming languages are mainstream in the tech industry and have a pretty good trending, making it continue to grow and create jobs. That means that when you choose any one of the above languages, it will sure have a pretty good prospect with that choice.

Okay, that’s it all, see you in other blog.