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Build websites and mobile apps with the most advanced technologies. Our working motto is speed, economy, professionalism and high security. We are always honored to work with global customers.

Our Vision

The development of various web solutions and our enterprise IT is based on the latest web technologies. Not only are they secure but also strong and resourceful. Consequently, the total operational cost is reduced and operational efficiency is enhanced.

Our Mission

We have the best breed of iOS app developers who are experts in creating customized software that functions seamlessly in an iOS platform. We nurture developers with extensive knowledge and experience in Android App Development. Our developers have successfully developed high performance Android Apps with latest technology, keep track of new releasing versions. The developers are well-versed with various Android frameworks like Android SDK, Native development tools, Java, XML and other platforms. Utilizing the multi-app platform allows developers to create apps for different platforms with a single codebase which is time-saving and can be implemented on an optimized budget. Multi-platform apps enable businesses to function on a broader client based covering multiple devices and operating systems. Hybrid apps are software applications that combine elements of both native apps and web applications. 

Our Vision

Slitigenz is an AWS cloud outsourcing service provider. We accelerate and simplify cloud adoption by helping you architect, deploy, maintain, and automate solutions operating on the AWS infrastructure. Our AWS services include:

  • Design cloud infrastructure matching your application requirements
  • Apply cloud best practices for DR/HA
  • Make best use of serverless services on AWS like Lambda, API Gateway
  • Automatic response to cloud events
  • CI/CD Pipeline Implementation in Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure as Code Enablement with CloudFormation, Terraform
  • AWS DevOps: AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeStar
  • Building customize network and monitoring
Our Mission

Access to additional talent pools and flexible scaling are critical for businesses that want to innovate and succeed with their software products. Even if you have a clear project roadmap and a strong core team, extra development capabilities will help you reach your milestones faster.

Since 2020, Slitigenz has helped companies across the globe augment their software development teams with top IT talent. With internal tech experts and a strong employer brand, we can quickly find the right specialists to boost your project.

Quality First

We are a company built on trust and we always deliver on time! Quality products are developed by our team of dedicated employees. We are happy to help with custom product application development and the support for the services we offer. 

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Our Fields

We strive to work as fast as possible while ensuring product quality


Proptech stands for all the companies that are taking on the real estate industry to make it better, spurred by an ever-changing digital landscape and new consumption patterns. It is still a new trend, and its scope will surely evolve as time goes by. Today, several verticals emerge within PropTech: the real estate market per se (PropTech), smart cities and buildings, the sharing economy, the home building industry (ConTech) and finance (FinTech). Both ConTech and FinTech have very close ties with the real estate industry.

IoT Management

IoT device management refers to the processes involving the provisioning and authenticating, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and diagnosing connected devices operating as part of an IoT environment to provide and support the whole spectrum of their functional capabilities. It is therefore quite clear that a reliable and effective device management solution is critical in keeping the smart assets connected, up-to-date and secure.


This influx of edtech tools are changing classrooms in a variety of ways: edtech robots are making it easy for students to stay engaged through fun forms of learning; IoT devices are being hailed for their ability to create digital classrooms for students, whether they’re physically in school, on the bus or at home; even machine learning and blockchain tools are assisting teachers with grading tests and holding students accountable for homework.


MedTech, or medical technology, is every product, service, or solution using medical technology to improve people’s health by preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease. Nowadays, medical technology is so common and so integrated into our everyday life that it is difficult to imagine living without this technology. As an example, early diagnostic tools can be used to prevent disease, and the diagnosis helps doctors to identify specific conditions and provide treatment early. It is said that information is the most powerful tool against disease.


By centralizing data management, SAP software provides multiple business functions with a single view of the truth. This helps companies better manage complex business processes by giving employees of different departments easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise. As a result, businesses can accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency, raise productivity, enhance customer experiences – and ultimately increase profits.

Popular Technologies We Use

We always use the most advanced and new technologies to program our products

Front-End Back-End Mobile development Cloud Server
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Python
  • GoLang
  • PHP: Laravel
  • Firebase
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Swift, Kotlin
  • AWS: AWS Serverless, FaaS, Microservice-Based App,...
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure